3dstooges – Atari Jaguar 64 Bit

Nowadays you can often only see kids and adults alike looking down at their phones whenever they are outside. Gone are the days of old handheld or video game consoles such as Gameboy and Playstation Portable. Even though there are still some people carrying Playstation Vitas and Portables around, the percentage of them is quite low compared to the amount of people holding smartphones in their hands.

Even in the households it is also the same. The days of video game consoles are about to be over, the only two leading brands that have managed to survive till this date are Playstation and Xbox. Other brands like Nintendo, Sega and the Atari Jaguar has long been forgotten by most people.

The Atari Jaguar was originally developed to compete with the big boys Nintendo and Sega but eventually they were unable to meet their standards and was criticized for its bad design, lack of third party support and the inability to have unique selling points when compared to their competitors. Eventually the company which developed the Atari Jaguar tried to market the Jaguar as a low-cost next generation video game console but it did not work out well and it eventually died off and left the market.